Culminating Case Study Capstone

EDC 589 | 3 Credits

Students will craft a case study report and present the findings of their case study that was completed in Practicum III. The Culminating Case Study Capstone is intended to represent a synthesis of knowledge and skills gained throughout the graduate program, including an understanding of the scientific method as it applies to human behavior, advanced knowledge of single-subject research methodologies and application of behavioral principles to address an identified problem in a clinical or educational setting.

The student will work with an actual client in the field using the scientific method to generate and test hypotheses about the problem, implement an intervention to target the problem, and gather and analyze baseline and intervention data using a single-case design to determine the impact of the intervention. Case study reports will be written in a scientific, technical manner and be similar to the articles that can be found in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. Case study research may be submitted to appropriate journals for publication.