BACB Coursework Evaluation  

The University of Dayton's Master of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program may fulfill the academic requirements that allow students to sit for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s (BACB) certifying exam. The BACB’s certification exam is required for students to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and is the standard for independent practice in most states. Students wishing to seek BCBA certification will need to verify the academic component of this program with the BACB. As such, the program is not a certifying program and it does not lead to licensure. Students enrolling in this program should research the requirements in the state(s) they intend to practice.

Curriculum Requirements for BACB  

The Coursework requirements as posted by the BACB maintain that students must complete courses whose content covers all of the required content outlined by BACB. Only graduate courses are accepted. There are two different types of curriculum: ABAI VCS Coursework or non-VCS Coursework; both are accepted but trigger different processes when students seek certification.

Verified Course Sequence (VCS) Coursework is administered by the Association for Behavior Analysis (ABAI). A program with a VCS means that the curriculum has been pre-approved and meets the requirements as set forth by the task list provided by BACB. Students who apply for an exam that have graduated from a qualifying institution that has an approved VCS do not need to provide syllabi when applying for the national examination.   

Students who have not completed their studies at a program with VCS approval are still able to apply for and take the BACB exam. A coursework review by the BACB is required. The BACB offers two options to students who did not graduate from a program with VCS: 1: submit syllabi with their exam application or 2: independent application for coursework evaluation. 

  1. Exam Application
    • Application via online portal
    • Supplemental Documents: official transcript, syllabi from all coursework, experience verification form(s)
    • $245 fee for application
    • $125 fee for an examination appointment
  2. Independent Coursework Evaluation
    • Submitted at least 2 weeks prior to exam application -- NOT an application
    • Official transcript not required for evaluation; at least unofficial transcript needed to confirm semester and year that courses were completed
    • ‘Course Content Attestation’ from for EACH course that needs to be evaluated outside of a VCS -- syllabus from the year that the student completed the course required and form to be completed by the course instructor, chair of dept., or registrar
    • $100 fee (non-refundable)
    • 14-day processing window after payment received
    • If there are any deficiencies, the student will have to do their own due diligence to find the appropriate institution and courses; BACB will not make recommendations